Anonymous Donor Saves Three Tiny Kitten Lives

On July 5th three tiny kittens 2-3 weeks old (about 300 gms) appeared at the Henderson cat colony with no mom (Queen) in sight.

They were crying and clearly very hungry as they roamed out from under the house toward the food for the adult colony cats.

When the mom did not show up we took them in and introduced them to Queenie the nursing mom who previously willingly took on the other eight kittens rescued from the colony. She immediately began grooming them and cleaning them, but none of them would nurse.

We did take them back to the colony location and placed them in a trap to try and attract their mom, but that was unsuccessful.

Later back at the accidental sanctuary we tried bottle feeding them, but they would not latch onto a bottle, so it was on to syringe feeding.

Two  of them (Face male, Phantom girl) had normal poop to begin with while one (Tippy girl) had severe green diarrhea.

From July 5 to July 9th, apparently the other two caught whatever Tippy had and the other two also developed diarrhea. even feeding them every three hours around the clock all their weights had begun to decline to the point we were afraid that they might not make it.

We had tried numerous remedies for diarrhea without success when July 8th a concerned supporter saw our post about their declining conditions and offered to pay for a vet visit for all three to determine what was going on with them. Thanks to their generosity and concern, on July 9th they were all taken to the vet for evaluation.

The findings were that all three had coccidia and the vet prescribed two meds for them to be given over the next 5 days.

Our generous donor had paid the vet bill before we even left the vet's office.

Once back home we immediately began the meds on all three. They also had to be isolated in their own space which had to be cleaned and sterilized.

We continued the 3 hour feedings from July 9 and finally on July 13th at 4:00 am, all three took their first meal from a saucer of Gerber Chicken baby food!   WOOO HOOO!!

That miraculous event signaled the end of 3 hour feedings and it signaled the beginning of weight increases in each kitten.

Literally, their weight gain began right after the final doss of their meds.  Where they had laid around sleeping and were not very active and did not play with each other, now their energy levels and playful activity increased so much that we relocated them to a much larger play space and they are having the biggest time ever.

The video below shows them playing after they began feeling better. This was filmed just before they were moved to their larger playpen. Check back for update videos of them.

The story of Tippy, Phantom and Face is still being written, but in Chapter One, an anonymous donor literally saved the tiny lives of these three orphans.


Your support can also make a difference in cat lives.

You can also pick a specific cat(s) or kitten(s) to sponsor, foster or adopt so you can see the direct result of your contribution.

Scroll through this page  of cats needing sponsors for spay, neuter, parasite treatments, etc. and be a good Samaritan. 🙂

Which tiny life will you save?

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