Adoption Fees

Let's talk about adoption fees for just a moment compared to the investment that has been made in the cat or kittens you are applying to adopt.

When a rescuer takes in a cat or kittens, the following costs are typically incurred NOT INCLUDING their time and efforts in taking them to and from vet appointments and caring for the cat or kittens as long as it takes to find them homes.

The list of supportive careĀ costs typically incurred include, but are not limited to:

  • $65 initial vet exam (Henderson Animal Care)
  • $27 gets one month of food & treatsĀ (please consider giving for more than one month)
  • $12 gets one month of litter (please consider giving for more than one month)
  • $50 Neuter via Animal Protection League
  • $35 Vaccinations: (Rabies, Distemper, Leukemia) (APL)
  • $5 Earmites (if present) (APL)
  • $18 Wormer (Rounds, Hooks & Tapes) Profender
  • $35 FIV/FeLV SNAP Test (APL)
  • $30 Microchip (APL)

Without consideration for a rescuer's time and effort caring for the furbabies, until adopted, a minimum of $207 + $65 vet exam = $272 has been invested in the cat or kitten you are applying to adopt.

Note: We only adopt kittens in pairs when less than 9 months old in order to avoid single kitten syndrome for new kitten owners. Yes, that's a real thing.

Our adoption fee per cat or kitten is a bargain and we are grateful for those who contribute more to help us keep helping homeless cats and kittens.

Adoption fees are refunded if your adoption application is declined.

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