Different levels of boarding may be needed depending on an animal's circumstances.

Boarding for pet owners is typically provided for a fee by commercial operations.

The type of volunteer Boarding needed to support TNR programs and the effective management of stray cats and dogs varies in duration and need.

One common scenario is Boarding needed for a trapped animal until it can be delivered to a vet appointment for spay or neuter or other medical needs. These boarding cases may be a week prior to the vet appointment and then a few days after the vet appointment.

Qualified applicants to serve as Boarders must be able to provide suitable space for the animal and diligent feeding and care for the duration of the animal's stay in the Boarder's care.

The duration of boarding shall be established and mutually agreed to prior to the animal's arrival at the Boarder's location.

Animal enclosures and food may be available for qualified Boarders who can donate suitable space, time and care, but who do not have enclosures and/or cannot afford food costs.

For more info about voluntarily boarding animals temporarily that are in transit, emailĀ

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