Texas shelters euthanized more animals than any other state in 2021.




This is the fate that awaits tens of thousands of animals if taken in by Texas shelters, but you can change that.


Check out your county's kill statistics by clicking on your county on this interactive kill statistics map published by bestfriends.org

Check out any state's shelter statistics. 

Shelters are not the problem, the public is the problem.

Says Who?

Says the Texas Department of Health And Safety.

The following excerpt from their training literature for personnel involved in euthanizing animals sums up the core problem,
“…Understand that you are not responsible for the death of these animals. You are responding to a public that allows random pet breeding and irresponsible pet ownership.”
– Texas Dept of Health And Safety Training Literature

While the statement above does not apply to me nor most of you reading this, but it does apply to those who are creating the animal overpopulation problems that the rest of us are seeking to resolve.

Please be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Be a responsible pet owner and be a vocal advocate for animals who are neglected, abused,  abandoned, dumped, or born homeless or orphaned.

Please be part of the solution rather than part of the problem stated by the Texas Department of Health and Safety. 

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  • Immediately report animal neglect, cruelty, or abuse to the proper authorities. Request they perform a welfare check on the animal at risk and follow up to confirm they did. Phone numbers for reporting are listed in this article.

Report Neglect or Abuse

  • Sign this petition for Henderson, Texas, and Rusk County supporting vigorous enforcement of animal cruelty laws.

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