When you open your home and heart to a kitten or cat as a foster, you help save Texas cat lives and you free up resources so  that another cat can be rescued and saved.

Your time as a foster may be days, weeks or months while a forever home is located for the cat you are caring for, but the experience and results are long-lasting.

Your role as a foster is critical to efforts to save cat lives and the rewards you'll reap are priceless. 

When you foster you save a cat or kitten from potentially being  euthanized.

You also save them from being subjected to life inside a crowded shelter where they are subjected to noise and all manner of scary and frightening circumstances.

A foster's home can provide a quiet, loving space that helps them become adoptable pets.

Orphaned kittens need special attention and care that shelters do not provide, but a foster can.

Fostering also helps the kitten or cat become accustomed to indoor life so they will make a great pet for someone.

Fostering is also a great way to find out if having a pet is a good fit for your life before you commit to owning a pet.

Ready To Foster?

TXCAT.ORG has direct access to a number of wonderful kittens and cats that need fostering until forever homes can be found for them.

Other organizations have many more animals of all kinds that need fostering.

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