Sponsorship Terms And Conditions

Requests to become a sponsor must be approved by site admin.

Sponsors may be a business or an individual.

NOTE: Your request to Become A Sponsor REQUIRES a website URL   in order to submit, so you can copy and paste a link in that field for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tic Tok, etc. 

After approval of a sponsor request, then when a sponsor submits payment the sponsor's image or logo will become visible on the site.

Contributors preferring to remain anonymous can donate instead of becoming a sponsor.

Being a sponsor provides visibility and recognition for the sponsor whether individual or business.

Sponsor's image or logo may be featured in a showcase of sponsors and displayed on articles, posts or pages covering the activity being sponsored.

Sponsorships are not refundable.

Purchase of Sponsorship packages helps offset the cost of providing the described level of support for one or more Texas cats.

Unless different arrangements are made in advance by sponsors, sponsorship packages shall be randomly allocated by TXCAT.ORG at its sole discretion on a first-come, first served basis to applicants seeking sponsors and approved as recipients.

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