Racer upon arrival

TXCAT.ORG (The Duncan Home For Wayward Cats)  is an individual endeavor to save kitten and cat lives in Henderson, Texas because I want the Great State of Texas to cease killing more cats and dogs in shelters every year than any other state in the country. 

Fortunately, a number of generous animal lovers have contributed their support to this mission, and cats and kittens in Henderson, Texas are better off as a result.

Please join them and you can be part of the solution:

You can also give to a specific kitten or cat or family:

TXCAT.ORG was never planned and was not supposed to happen, but it did and it originated with one tiny orphaned kitten named Racer.

You can read about him here.

We also unexpectedly had two queens and 6 kittens enter our lives from a neighbor's yard.

Most recently three adult cats and eleven kittens in danger and needing IMMEDIDATE help came into our lives.

Suddenly, and unexpectedly being responsible for 30+ cats and bottle kittens has been daunting.

Caring for all these cats and others at another location has made the issue of cat overpopulation very evident and thus responsive action is in order.

Hopefully TXCAT.ORG and its cat-loving readers will help address that issue and help save Texas cat lives even if only in Henderson.

Our cat saving actions have been taking place long before this website was launched and we trust that the generosity of fellow cat lovers who discover the website will help us to continue helping Texas cats.

Please join our Facebook Group and signup for our newsletter to stay connected and be sure to share the website and group with your animal loving friends.



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