Thank you for considering adopting a rescued cat or kitten and inviting them into your home and your life.

Texas euthanizes more cats annually than any other state, so you are helping save a Texas cat life by adopting a rescue cat or kitten. 

You are saving a feline's life who may have otherwise ended up on death row in an animal shelter. 

Fur babies available through rescues will be in excellent health, fully vetted, vaccinated, and most likely microchipped in preparation for adoption. 

Are you adopting a pet or taking a prisoner?

Cats typically live 10-20 years, so adopting one is an important decision and requires a long-term commitment. It is important to make sure that you are adopting cats or kittens that are a good fit for you, your lifestyle and the living environment they will call home.

These are not your neighbor's unwanted FREE KITTENS in a cardboard box because someone failed to spay and neuter their pets and thus allowed unchecked reproduction to occur. Rescue cats and kittens may have initially come from such circumstances, but their life changed for the better immediately upon entering a rescue where people who care have invested a lot of time, energy and money in them to prepare them for the next big change in their life which is their adoption by you and their life with you. Fostering a cat for a while can be a good way to learn about ownership before adopting.

The SPCA reports that rescues invest an average of $500 per animal preparing them for adoption.

If you were going to give a valuable gift to someone, you would probably want to be sure it would be appreciated and appropriately cared for which is one reason reputable rescues and organizations require an adoption application to be completed and typically conduct an in-person or in-home interview before releasing a cat or kitten for adoption.

Adoption questionnaires and interviews are intended to help assure that your adoption is successful and  rewarding for many years to come.

Cats Up For Adoption In Henderson, Texas

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