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We love dogs and cats, but rampant reproduction and roaming strays are more  problematic among cats than dogs, so Texas cats need some extra help.

As of 2021 Texas facilities euthanized more cats and dogs annually than any other state except California.

TXCAT.ORG seeks to enable generous, caring Texans to help unfortunate and homeless animals with a focus on Texas cats through sponsorships, donations and other services.

Your contributions can literally save a kitten or cat life TODAY.

Sadly, less-caring people are constantly creating all manner  of dismal, even hazardous circumstances for animals, both unintentionally and in some cases intentionally.

Fortunately,  there are many good-hearted people, rescues, shelters and organizations working tirelessly 365/24/7 to prevent euthanization and help Texas animals survive and find homes.

You can help do even more good and save more lives with a couple of mouse clicks and your donation today.

Kittens of homeless cats begin their tiny lives with all manner of  external and internal parasites (fleas, ticks, worms, etc.) seeking to literally eat them alive from the inside and outside while their mother struggles to find enough food to survive.

Mother cats (Queens) facing an insufficient food supply may even abandon some or all of their tiny new-born kittens.

Kittens that survive must then compete for a food supply that is now spread even more  thinly among more cats.

The life of outdoor domestic cats fending for themselves without human assistance is fraught with hazards and peril that may not be evident to those casually observing stray cats.

Street life for kittens and cats can be brutal and is statistically a much shorter life than the life of domestic cats that are cared for by loving humans.

Help Texas kittens grow up to be safe, healthy Texas cats in loving homes. Volunteer, donate or sponsor. You'll feel great when you do. 

Do it now.

Rescues are reporting a huge increase in mother cats (Queens) being found dead of unknown causes while still nursing their kittens who then become tiny orphans.

Identifying and helping homeless mother cats helps them and all their kittens.

It also creates an opportunity to reduce their fear of humans and thus make trapping them and their kittens easier in a shorter period of time.

Time is of the essence as a mother cat can get pregnant while still nursing kittens, so acting quickly is crucial when a mother and kittens are discovered.

If a mother brings her kittens to you, she is likely beginning the weaning process (often week 4+)  and teaching them to find their own food.

You can use this brief window  of time to begin socializing them all  during feeding and then arrange trapping and spaying or neutering before another litter of kittens is on the way.

If you are unable to do it yourself, you can donate, sponsor or connect with other caring people who can assist you to make it happen.

Texas shelters and rescues across the state operate in overdrive all year long doing what they can to to find homes for all the animals they help.

Unfortunately, Texas facilities still euthanize tens of thousands of animals annually.

Pet owners who failed to spay or neuter pets contribute to cat over population problems and almost all these deaths.

Other pet owners may let an unspayed or unneutered indoor pet out at night without thought of unwanted reproduction occurring.

Still others may banish an unspayed or unneutered pet  outdoors for different reasons (clawing of furniture, male cats spraying, etc.)

Some pet owners may move away and leave their cat behind and soon a new litter of homeless kittens is born outdoors, often in an unsuitable and unsafe environment and their rough little life begins.

Mostly ownerless cats and kittens end up in shelters and on death row.

Education of pet owners about the importance of spay/neuter is critical to the mission of reducing euthanizations.

Irresponsible pet owners cause thousands of cats  to be headed toward euthanization every year. 

If you can only DO ONE THING, please donate for, or sponsor a spay or neuter. 

Even well-meaning samaritans who feed strays may unintentionally contribute to the ongoing cat overpopulation problem if they fail to understand the rapid reproduction cycle of cats and the need for speedy spay and neuter.

The cycle of reproduction among unspayed and unneutered outdoor cats is  FAST, so quick action is needed to avoid unplanned litters of kittens.

“If you feed, don't let them breed.”
–Humane Society

Some people may engage in harmful or deadly actions toward stray cats coming on their property.

Providing shelter and food for strays at  a designated location  can help deter roaming and minimize risk for the cats.

Your donations can help provide outdoor shelters for cats in managed TNR colonies and thus enhance the quality of life for Texas cats.

Please donate or Become a Sponsor today.

Food and supplies are always needed when helping Texas cats and these are ongoing daily costs.

Orphaned kittens often require specialized food and  medical care to help them survive and grow until they can be homed with loving families.

Your contributions and sponsorships can help sustain the feeding of cats  in need and critical medical care to help assure their survival.

“Fraidy Cats Need Love, Too!” 
— Humane Society

Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) can also save cat lives.

Outdoor cat lives can be dramatically improved via spay and neuter. 

It prevents pregnancies in females and thus avoids spreading a limited food supply among more and more cats which can reduce fighting and  injuries.

It can also reduce fighting and injuries among males competing for territory and mates and it may reduce roaming.

“Thanks for the tip!”
— Humane Society

Ear tipping (cut tip off  one ear) is one method of marking an outdoor cat that has been spayed or neutered and released, so they can be easily identified as a cat that has already been helped and is not contributing to unmanaged reproduction.

Instead of strays potentially being picked up  by animal control and later euthanized in shelters if they cannot be homed, TNR allows the  spayed and neutered cats to  be returned to their original location where they can live out a better life without further reproduction.

TNR Texas is an awesome resource

A single spay or neuter sponsored by you can save 100 Texas cat lives. 

Sponsoring a spay or neuter is an easy way to support someone else help a Texas cat in need.

The cost of a spay or neuter may run from $0 to $300+ depending on the facility that provides the services.

When you click BECOME A SPONSOR, you can select a  sponsorship package that you prefer and you'll be helping one or more Texas cats before you leave the website.

When You Give, More Live

"I was connected with a sponsor who paid for two neuters of young male strays that I had been feeding and socializing and now they both have loving forever homes."
Neighborhood Samaritan
"The Smokehouse restaurant in Henderson is happy to have sponsored the rescue, vet care and feeding of 14 cats and kittens from a colony and all now have an opportunity to find forever homes."
"We adopted Tuck who is a wonderful male Tuxedo cat and he is making a loved addition to our family."
Happy Adoptive Mom
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