A single spay or neuter can save as many as 100 cat lives.

One symptom of irresponsible human actions involving domestic cats is astronomical, unchecked reproduction that occurs among unspayed and unneutered  indoor/outdoor cats, outdoor cats, homeless cats, abandoned cats and stray cats.

An average cat has 1–8 kittens per litter, and 2–3 litters per year. During her productive life, one female cat could have more than 100 kittens.

A single pair of cats and their kittens can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years.

Being part of the solution rather than an enabler of the problem is possible by quickly spaying or neutering any outdoor cats that you want to help or feed.

Even if you cannot take them in yourself, you will be helping them immensely by sponsoring ro donating, so others can arrange for trapping, spaying or neutering and homing them or returning them to their location (TNR) and thus keeping them out of shelters.

One spay or neuter can save a hundred cat lives and by donating or sponsoring before you leave the website you can make that happen today.

Please contribute your time, love or financial support today or make a non tax-deductible donation or sponsorship that can empower others to help save Texas cats.

Cat-loving Texans can help in so many ways and when a lot of us each do a little, then we can make a big difference.

Even something as simple as volunteering to stop by a rescue or shelter during your lunch break or after work for a while to spend time with kittens and cats  to help socialize them is extremely valuable. The time you spend with them could make the difference between them being adoptable or euthanized.

You might volunteer to feed stray cats in different locations. Sponsors might even help provide the food.

You might volunteer to transport cats to facilities for spay and neuter or relocation.

You might even volunteer to trap strays in need and deliver them to a rescue or shelter that you have made arrangements with in advance.

If your schedule is packed and you already have pets, then making donations to help other  cat lovers save cat lives is easy to do with a few clicks on this website.

If you have the ability to donate, please do so before you go.

You’ll feel great when your personal contribution, donation or action makes a difference in one or more little lives.

For example if you are unable to donate your time, you may be able to sponsor a spay or neuter for someone else who has the time, but who may not have the dollars to make it happen.

Domesticated cats make excellent family pets and companions when responsible owners provide them with adequate food, medical care, adequate mental stimulation, a suitable environment and love.

You can save cat lives and make a huge difference by adopting rather than shopping.

Outdoor community cats and colonies of strays which are duly spayed and neutered can do well with a little human compassion and support.

A little bit of generosity can help make a huge difference in the cats lives and the human community in which they live. 

Many times some cat loving people have the time and schedule flexibility to feed cat colonies.

Others may be able to help with trapping and delivery for spay and neutering and homing or return to their location (TNR)

However, footing the bill for the these things may exceed the resources of those able to help.

Sponsors and donors may  provide donations for food and spay or neuter, medical services, etc. while other cat lovers are able to do the leg work with the support of sponsors.

TXCAT.ORG endeavors to help cat lovers help each other to save cat lives. 

You can help stop the worst offenders in Texas by reporting animal hoarding, animal neglect, animal abuse, animal dumping, etc. which can be felonies with a 10 year prison sentence.

 The Federal Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act 

Animal Protection Laws By State 

Texas Animal Cruelty Law 

Texas Penal Code

Help Is Available So You Can Help Texas Cats

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