How To Make A Difference In Texas Cat Lives Today

One Kitten Life Saved

Racer was the 1st orphaned kitten TXCAT.ORG took in and he arrived weighing 230g with severe diarrhea. We were told that all his litter mates had died and he was found wandering alone in a field, so he was a scared, lonely little guy just trying to survive.

Racer Upon Arrival

Racer upon arrival

At 230g Racer was probably only about 2 weeks old, but he must have already known hunger intimately as he was trying to eat dry food that his finders had placed in the box with him, but his teeth had not yet come in.

His bloody diarrhea required vet visits, medication and help from a friendly lady with lots of kitten experience. 

He was not interested in bottle feeding, instead he loved soft wet food, and would eat eagerly but could only consume 2-4 gm at each meal, so he required feeding every 2-3 hours for weeks in order to gain weight.

Racer One Year Later

Today, Racer is the official mascot of TXCAT.ORG and weighs in at 11.5 pounds. You can help make that kind of difference in Texas cat lives through your actions and donations and sponsorships.

Make A Difference Today

You can make a difference in Texas cat lives today with a couple of clicks before you leave this website.

Purchasing a sponsorship is one way to directly connect a generous giver with a caring doer so that Texas Cats can be helped.

You can also help in many  other ways. Some require time and getting out and about, but if you cannot do that, then you can support those who can with your generous non tax-deductible donations.

Your Generosity Can Make A Difference In Texas Cat Lives

There is a pipeline full of Texas cats needing help and many cat lovers ready to take action and help them, so when you make a non tax-deductible donation through TXCAT.ORG or send a wish list item or sponsor a spay or neuter, etc. your generous contribution may be allocated to do good before you can close your browser.

Your non tax-deductible donations or sponsorship can help provide food, vet visits, medical supplies, traps, transportation costs, spay-neuters, other surgeries, etc.

For example, some spay and neuter services may be available for free, but may be located many hours away from where the cats in need are located.

Some of these spay and neuter facilities may also require that the cats arrive in special cages, so even though the surgery may be free there are still significant costs involved  due to the cost of the required cages, transportation, the cost of feeding until trapping is successful, the cost of fuel to and from the spay-neuter facility, the cost of medical supplies and other incidentals.

Most importantly, time must be donated by caring volunteers to make these things happen even when hard costs can be offset by generous donations or sponsorships.

Sponsorships Connect Generous Givers And Caring Doers

TXCAT.ORG seeks to provide near real-time connection between givers and doers, so Texas cat lives can be saved.

Just as cats are location sensitive, so too is rescue work because it must initially happen where the cats in need are located.

If you are a rescue or shelter and want to explore expanding your resources in a given area, then let us know that you are SEEKING SUPPORT FOR A SPECIFIC AREA.

If you are already caring for multiple stray Texas cats or a cat colony or if you aware of cats that need help or spay and neuter, then post that you are SEEKING SPONSORS.

You can also ASK YOUR EMPLOYER TO BECOME A BUSINESS SPONSOR and they will be recognized as a business that cares about Texas cats.

Or if  you want to save 100 Texas cat lives by sponsoring a spay or neuter, then DONATE or BECOME A SPONSOR.

If you want to help provide for Texas cats in need or support the work of others helping Texas cats, then SEND AN ITEM FROM THE GIFT REGISTRY OR A WISHLIST.

If you are able to donate your time instead of dollars, then consider volunteering to help with feeding, trapping or transporting strays for spay and neuter.

Or consider volunteering to spend time with cats that have already been trapped and secured by others so you can interact with them and help socialize them, so their chance of finding a forever home is increased.

When we combine our efforts and resources then more Texas cat lives can be saved. 

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