FREE Spay-Neuter Packages Available: Spay It Forward

NOTE: The current 2022  Spay It Forward fundraiser has ended for now, but you can still apply for free spay-neuter packages and thus be in line for consideration should the Spay It Forward campaign start again.

If you are a cat lover please consider becoming a Spay It Forward benefactor. Your donation of $1,000 or more will be published and used to match other donations received, so your generosity will help even more Texas cats.

Spay It Forward

Texas euthanizes more animals each year than any state except California (2021 update – now Texas kills the most of any state ) and kitten season is upon us which means an increase in Texas's already excessive cat population which means more Texas cat deaths.
A very generous cat-loving donor contacted me and has offered to MATCH your donations up to $2,500 so that we can sponsor COMPLIMENTARY spay and neuter packages for eligible cat owners and/or cat colony caretakers.
Henderson may not yet have a city-sponsored spay/neuter program for residents or a city-sponsored Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program to help manage community cats, but we do have a very generous cat lover willing to step up and help!
Your donations will be MATCHED to provide up to $5000 of complimentary spay/neuter packages for eligible applicants.
That's right NO COST to approved cat owners and/or cat colony caretakers.
For this sponsorship fundraiser to help as many Texas cats as possible, we need your generous support to provide the necessary services. Every donation will be matched up to $2,500 generating $5000 in total sponsorship funds.
Anticipated costs per cat are listed below for services that will be provided AT NO COST to sponsorship recipients through Animal Protection League (APL).
Donations of any size will be appreciated and will help save Texas cat lives, so give and Spay It Forward.
Donors who give the total amount for a BASIC or FULL sponsorship will be notified of the individual and cat who receives the complementary services you make possible for them AND your donation will be fully MATCHED by our generous benefactor so that an additional sponsorship can be provided.
Anticipated APL costs per cat sponsorship are as follows:
1 ) GOOD NEIGHBOR BASIC SPONSORSHIP: APL spay $50 or neuter $40, Rabies vaccination $12, Profender wormer $18, Ear mites $5, Est average cost: $80 ** This sponsorship is suitable for community cats, strays, and ferals.
2 ) GOOD SAMARITAN FULL SPONSORSHIP: APL spay $50 or neuter $40, Rabies + Other vaccinations $35, Profender wormer $18, Ear mites $5, Revolution flea treatment $25-to-$53, Microchip $30, Est average cost: $158 ** This sponsorship is best suited for cats that are pets and whom owners would like to recover if lost.
NOTE: Texas has passed a law requiring that all shelters, vets, and rescues, MUST SCAN animals for a microchip. So if a pet is lost, the probability of return to the owner is far greater with a microchip than without.

Your sponsorship donations will DOUBLE the number of Texas cat lives that can be saved.

Please give generously and our benefactor will match your donation making it TWICE as beneficial. 

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