Both Owners Died Leaving 3 Cats and 3 Dogs Needing Homes: Gladewater, Texas

UPDATE: As of 07/15/2022 we have taken the three cats under care and found an adopter for the three dogs.

It's sad when pet owners pass away and leave behind beloved animals that they cherished and cared for.

It is even sadder when no one wants to continue to care for them or give them homes.

What is a pet to do? Overnight they become homeless and uncared for. Their beloved owners left the house one day and just never came back. They are confused and alone. 

The only solace and comfort they have is being in their familiar surroundings and each other and most likely they will be ripped away from both.

Some are sent to shelters and others are just abandoned when there are no surviving relatives that care enough to find them homes.

These six furbabies are in need of someone who cares.  Is that you?  If you can't adopt, then please donate to help care for them until their new homes can be found.



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