What About RetroMAD1 For FeLV?

After learning about RetroMAD1 and the cost, some readers may wonder if an equivalent treatment is available at a lower cost.

The answer to that will depend on the reader's assessment of the potential effectiveness of the ingredients in RetroMAD1 and whether or not those same ingredients might be acquired through other channels at lower cost and administered as an alternative to RetroMAD1.

It is possible that an alternative treatment regimen using the same ingredients as those found in RetroMAD 1 could have similar benefits for a FeLV cat, but may function differently than the RetroMAD1 product due to its formation.

However, any treatment with the potential for boosting a FeLV+ cat's immune response to the virus may be more beneficial than no treatment at all. 

Visit the Facebook group RetroMAD1 Case Studies for some 1st-hand user experiences.

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