Cat Overpopulation Is A People Problem


Says who? Says the Texas Department of Health And Safety.

I assume most readers following along are responsible pet owners who are NOT part of the problem, otherwise you would not hang around to be told that you are being irresponsible. That said, I am speaking to everyone else on behalf of the cats that cannot speak for themselves.

Given that people are the core problem causing Texas to kill more animals annually than any other state in the USA, I find myself becoming a bit more blunt with people who could have helped prevent the circumstances that they call every shelter and rescue and me about wanting someone to fix their predicament for them.

I am not referring to people who find hapless animals in need and want to help them, I am referring to people who CAUSE animals to be in need.

I may be referring to YOU.

1 ) You, if you moved and left a pet behind without making arrangements for a home or care. May karma bring to you the same lack of compassion that you demonstrated for an animal who trusted you.

2 ) You, if you dumped a pet somewhere to fend for itself. (Most dumped are not spayed or neutered because the owner was already irresponsible to begin with.) Regardless of your twisted thinking to justify dumping an animal, you deserve to go to jail.

3 ) You, if your indoor/outdoor pet is not spayed or neutered.
You will soon have a litter of kittens to deal with, so do not act surprised when it happens. Also do not expect shelters, rescues and somebody else to solve a problem YOU created through irresponsible pet ownership. Those resources are far outnumbered by irresponsible pet owners like YOU.

4 ) You, if you want to help homeless animals by feeding without spaying and neutering. You make the problem worse by creating more and more homeless animals. The $$ you spend on food for one week could probably pay for a spay or neuter and then you would be doing the right thing to help.

5) You, if you say you have no money to spay or neuter.
If that's REALLY the case, then call for assistance BEFORE you are calling about six newborn kittens. YOU have less than 60 days to do something. $65 to $75 is all it takes, so sponsors and financial help is findable, but YOU must call and ask for help BEFORE. You also hafta be willing to contribute some of your time and effort for the cat's well being.

6 ) You, if you adopt only one very young kitten.
You may not know it, or understand it, or believe it, but the single kitten you raise with love and compassion may develop behavioral issues that could have been avoided simply by making sure it had a playmate during the most important and formative time of its life.

7 ) You, if you purchase animals instead of adopting or rescuing, you are preventing homeless animals from having homes with every purchase. Breeders are not helping solve the overpopulation problem in Texas. They are adding to it as are YOU when you purchase from them.

Yes, I know, A bit blunt.

Ok, a LOT blunt, but too often these issues are discussed from the animal perspective rather than HOW THE ANIMAL CAME TO BE IN THAT SITUATION which almost always comes back to humans.

I observe, that often the people who most need to hear how their actions or lack of action is contributing to animal overpopulation and staggering death numbers in shelters are the ones who listen least, care least, contribute least and ask the most of others to take on their problems. They want what they want without regard to anything else.

Listen to what rescues and shelters advise and take appropriate actions to be part of the solution to cat overpopulation and distinguish yourself from the irresponsible masses creating the problem.

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