I Cannot Save Them All



Because rescues and shelters are far out numbered by irresponsible pet owners and the rapid reproduction rate among cats and dogs that are not spayed or neutered.

I receive calls EVERY DAY about homeless animals that I do not have the capacity or resources to take in.

Recently, I was contacted by multiple people who unexpectedly encountered litters of kittens from strays that they had seen around. No action had been taken previously to trap and spay or neuter them. After all, it was not their cat.

Unfortunately for the kitten finders, ignoring a single roaming cat was easy, but it was not so easy to ignore a litter of tiny, helpless kittens that unexpectedly appeared in their lives.

If the SINGLE roaming stray had been trapped and vetted, then no LITTER of unfortunate kittens would be found — and in many cases only to die sad deaths that could have been prevented.

In the cases reported to me, the moms had either abandoned the kittens only a day or so old or the mom had disappeared (killed in some cases) leaving tiny kittens to starve to death. Abandonment is less likely than unfortunate circumstances befalling the new mom out looking for food.

Even though these babies were discovered by kind-hearted humans who wanted to help them, most lacked the knowledge, skills, and supplies necessary to provide IMMEDIATE CARE for neonate kittens (care is needed within hours). Doing so is a 24/7 JOB EVERY 2-3 HOURS FOR MANY WEEKS. It is not a single act of kindness that can be completed in a few minutes. Several finders went to great lengths to try and help them, but when I followed up with them, they reported most or all of the kittens dying within 24-48 hrs.

Knowing that makes me feel AWFUL because I was not able to help.

Dozens of tiny kittens (and that's just the few that reached out to me) should have been showered with love and care by their mother cat and grown up playing with their litter mates and experiencing happy kitten lives, but instead their very brief lives ended tragically due to dehydration, starvation, aspiration by well-meaning humans, and all manner of unpleasant death circumstances that were probably caused by one or more of these TOP TEN EXCUSES.

Please take action to spay and neuter your pets and even that stray or roaming cat you see around BEFORE you find a litter of tiny kittens that you must then watch die or even if they survive, then they ALL NEED Spaying or neutering and/or homing. You may not know how to, or be able to, care for orphan kittens, but you do know how to use a phone to call Animal Protection League (APL) in the Henderson area and schedule a low-cost spay or neuter appointment for your pet or a stray cat.

Please do it. (903) 753-7387

I'll loan you a trap if you need one to catch a roaming cat.


If not, what's your excuse? We might as well add it to the list.

PLEASE be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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