Playful FeLV+ Seeking Same To Live Spoiled Rotten Life Together

A cat lover in Henderson, Texas who is a strong supporter of Rusk County Pets Alive and the Henderson Animal Center's no-kill initiative finds herself foster failing a sweet, playful young  (3-month old) kitten that has tested FeLV+.

Yes, she knows to test again later and to confirm, but she is assuming this poor baby may have to live it potentially shortened life in solitude unless she can find a playmate, so I am seeking to help her do just that.

The sooner the better since their lives may be preciously short and they need the opportunity to burn off that kitten energy together and teach each other how to cat. 

I found myself in a similar situation with our FeLV+ boy Josh and I wanted him to have a playmate rather than living his potentially shortened life isolated in his own room at the Duncan Home For Wayward Cats, but unfortunately, the universe would not allow him a friendship and he passed alone in his room… far too soon. 

Please share this post and help enrich this FeLV furbaby's potentially short life AND the life of another FeLV kitten.

If you have an FeLV+ kitten in need of a home, please contact me at (903) 263-9807 and let's get this match made and let the spoiling begin. (♥)  Kitten life is a wasting!

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