Making Rusk County Texas A Model For Saving Lives

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Rusk County Pets Alive celebrates one year of helping animals

“Before we ( Rusk County Pets Alive (RCPA) )  began the live-release rate was at 30 percent in June of 2018. Last month we were at 92 percent of live-release,” said Lisa Waugh.

As they (Rusk County Pets Alive)  continue to work in the community, members of the non-profit say there is still a lot of work to be done, and can use the communities help.

“We’re working on sustainability right now, and that requires volunteers and, of course, funding. We can always use funding. Our bills can get up to $4,000 a month just with our CPA,” said Kelli Ballinger.

In addition to supporting the group, donations can also be made to the Henderson Animal Shelter to help them achieve their goals.

“Donations are always welcome. Things like cleaning supplies kittens and cleaning supplies are always needed,” said Charissa Pool, the director of the Henderson Animal Shelter.

Both Ballinger and Waugh said their main goal is to get the shelter to a 100 percent live-release rate, and continue to make Rusk County a pet-friendly place.



4. Rusk County Pets Alive (Henderson, TX)

Rusk County Pets Alive has built a great partnership with Henderson County Animal Shelter by basing their organizational changes on the AmPA! model. This has led Henderson County Animal Shelter to meet their all-time highest live release rate of 90+% in 2019. One way they’ve increased lifesaving is through saving parvo puppies and cats with ringworm. Lastly, they attended our online transport class and they have learned how to transport more dogs to rescue groups nationally. This group is a great example of a rural shelter doing a lot with a little.

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