Single Kitten Syndrome Is A Real Thing And You Are The Cause

When you decide to get “A Kitten,” you may be unwittingly dooming that kitten to a lifetime of bad behaviors that make it undesirable as a pet.
Then comes the rehoming, abandonment, dumping surrendering to kill shelters or even worse.
All because YOU wanted ONE kitten.
A kitten is not a toy, it is an animal with innate instinctive behaviors and needs that can go unmet when raised alone. 
You really need to get two, especially when they are younger than 9 months old.
If you have the kitten's best interest at heart, you'll heed the advice and adopt or foster kittens in pairs.
If you absolutely do not want two cats, (well first that's just nuts. 🙂 but you can at least foster a 2nd kitten until both are older to give them their best chance to be great cats.
Excellent articles for everyone seeking “A kitten” that can help you understand why one is the loneliest number.


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