Marty was the smallest of eight (8) kittens rescued from a property that changed ownership and workers disrupted the nesting areas and scared away at least two moms so the kittens found by workers had no mothers to nurse from.  Several attempts to lure the mom's to the kittens failed due to a series of unfortunate events. Finally, a day or so after their arrival, we captured a mom that was lactating and clearly nursing kittens, but had no idea if any of these were her kittens or if she had another litter elsewhere that we did not want to separate here from. We tested her in proximity to the 8 kittens and when we were giving certain ones a flea bath and they cried out, she responded with a worried cry of her own. She only responded that way for certain kittens and Marty was one of them.  As the photo shows Marty loves his mama. 🙂  Marty and Tanner are very constant playmates and it would be great if they can be fostered and/or adopted together.

Male Birthdate June 2021.

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