One More Reason To Keep Your Cat Indoors


One more reason to keep your cats indoors.

I mentioned in a previous post an unfortunate incident with a cat. One of the strays that I only recently observed eating at our shop has an injury and I have been trying to catch this cat INSIDE a junk filled building that has made me shout a number of expletives at every truckload of CRAP I had to move to try and find the cat.

When I found it the injury was way worse than I had thought and it is VERY feral, in pain, scared and a female.

She was unable to move her back legs and dragged them both when she moved away from me.

I hated to be the cause of her moving in fear and when she finally hid in a corner I was able to enclose her and put a gentle trap inside the makeshift enclosure with tuna bait and water hoping she would go in after I left the shop for a while. That was 10:00 AM.

Throughout the day I have checked and she never took the bait. A short while ago 7:00 pm when I went out, she had managed to get out of the makeshift enclosure and using only her front legs was trying to climb for a roof opening. When she could not make it, she fell to the ground and went behind an old Dearborn heater where I was finally able to cover her with a blanket and then push her into a different cage.

Inspecting her injury, I realized why the neighbors three dogs were raising cain two nights ago. The cat's rear haunch had clearly been bitten BADLY and you can see the teeth marks in the images.

I am on the way to ER vet in Longview now since Henderson, Texas has no after hours vets.

This poor cat.


Remember this face.
Vet assessment after exam and x-rays is that she has a totally crushed pelvis requiring a type of surgery only available in Dallas at a cost of $5k to $7k with 8-10 week recovery and no assurance that use of legs would return and/or bowel movement.
Exam, euthanasia and cremation $487.
Sadness extreme.
I gotta go.


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