Have You Tried Clipnosis For Easier Injections?

I wanted to share this because it looks like it could have helped us with  Josh's FIP Injections.

This scientific technique of using a device to scruff a cat has been around for years, just not in my bubble of knowledge until now.

Ohio State University has an excellent article about the research and results of pinch-induced behavioral inhibition, a.k.a. “clipnosis.”

When we injected Josh, I used a manual pinch of the scruff to help handle him, but I never thought about using a device so that I could have both hands free.

In the 2nd video, it appears the clip being used may be a large binder clip like those in office supply stores.

However, some of the big binder clips apply a lot of pressure and may be too much for a cat.

I have no experience using a device but I just ordered the plastic versions described in the  1st video because this could be very helpful for many routine cat tasks even if it only works on some of them.

In closing, for FIP treatment, I strongly advocate administering pills instead of injections when circumstances permit. 

You are invited to share your experience with others as a comment.

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