Ringworm Treatment

What is Ringworm?

VCA Animal Hospitals   (Ringworm)

International Cat Care (Ringworm)

Cornell Feline Health Center (Ringworm)

$27,000 Ringworm at failed Cat Rescue

How to confirm a suspicion of ringworm
(most types but not all)

Greg Martinez DVM Glowing Ringworm in a Cat (Video)

This is a concise article, but purchase is not necessary and is too expensive

How UVA Blacklights Help Vets diagnose Pet Skin Infections

Recommended Blacklight To Purchase

We tried several different lights and although they all claimed they were the same wavelength required for ringworm to glow, there was a significant difference in the brightness of the glow across lamps. The cheaper ones were not worth saving a few dollars when trying to make sure ringworm is fully eradicated.

This one was by far the best of all we tried.

What are common treatments for ringworm?

We used Clotrimaxole and Miconazole cream and liquid and found them effective and very similar in results


compare ingredients to Lotrimin



We used this

no experience with this


Prescription required, but also questionable benefit and risk for side-effects way worse than ringworm


Although widely used its not necessary and not recommended – killed two of our cats right after dipping

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