FIP Undiagnosed Versus Treated

The kitten in the photos in this column developed eye issues and the owner took it to the vet several times; however, the vet's prescribed treatment was not working and its eyes were getting worse.

Repeatedly, the owner was told to just continue antibiotics and wait.

She finally reached out for other opinions and connected with FIP Warriors 5.0 group members who immediately recognized the symptoms.

Unfortunately, for this kitten, FIP was not considered by the vet because they were unfamiliar with it and the GS treatment available for it, albeit thru nontraditional channels.

Sadly, this poor kitten ultimately lost both eyes and I am trying to find out if it even survived or not.

ADVISORY: Should your cat develops any strange symptoms that defy a conclusive diagnosis by your vet and/or if a prescribed treatment does not result in improvement within a week, PLEASE consider FIP and reach out to FIP Warriors 5.0 

Instead of spending a ton of dollars on a bunch of tests and wasting a bunch of precious time trying to confirm a diagnosis of FIP, you might even consider using GS diagnostically  Your cat's symptoms could begin improving in only a matter of days and then you will know with a high degree of certainty that FIP is active.

Unlike the poor kitten in the left-hand column photos, the cat's symptoms in this column were recognized early on as FIP, and treatment was started quickly.

Look closely at the cat's eyes in each photo to see how quickly GS-441524 can begin eradicating FIP.


There was no need for the kitten in the left-hand column to suffer the fate it did had FIP been considered sooner.

FIP typically presents in order of bad to worse:

  • Wet or Dry 
    • often swollen abdomen or chest or labored breathing
  • Ocular
    • eyes cloud to blindness
  • Neurological
    • loss of muscle control

Each FIP level requires a specific treatment dose and a rigid administration protocol.

The cost is high and treatment requires a high level of dedication by the owner.

Early in treatment owners administering GS injections may need to decide whether to continue treatment with Injection or Pills. 

I STRONGLY advocate pills as soon as circumstances allow and if finances permit.

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