Using GS-441524 Diagnostically When FIP Is Suspected

GS-441524 As A Diagnostic  (Click to read more about diagnosing FIP)

In cases where FIP is the presumptive diagnosis, an alternative to extensive additional lab work or procedures is to use GS diagnostically. 

GS441 does not treat or cure any condition other than FIP therefore if the cat begins to respond after a few doses, FIP can be confirmed. The GS will do no harm if the cat does not have FIP. 

Because FIP can be so nefarious and quick-acting, testing diagnostically with GS may be in order when FIP is 1st suspected at an advanced stage or when symptoms are worsening quickly. GS Treatment may begin to minimize symptoms within hours versus waiting days or weeks while your pet suffers and gets worse only to receive test results that may still be inconclusive.

Injections or Pills For FIP Treatment?

Initially, injections are most often recommended to assure the most effective dosing for all FIP stages and thus provide the best opportunity for improvement in your cat; however, switching to oral dosing with GS pills may also be a possibility should the stress and pain of injections be unmanageable.

Where To Get GS-442524

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NOTE: THERE IS NOT YET A CONCLUSIVE “FIP TEST”.   A proper diagnosis requires a multitude of diagnostics both to confirm FIP, as well as to rule out conditions that share similar symptoms.  What is sometimes referred to (incorrectly) as a “FIP test” measures the cat’s exposure to FCoV.  Ninety-five percent of cats in the world have been exposed to FCoV. These titer tests are NOT conclusive. A positive titer for FCoV is NOT an indicator that the cat has FIP.    

We recommend clicking to download the Diagnosis Algorithm and provide a copy to your veterinarian.

FAQ's about FIP



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How Do I Know If My Cat Has FIP?


Dr. Pederson

Almost everything there is to be known about FIP and treatment can be found on Dr. Pederson's site as he is the researcher who discovered that GS-441524 could cure FIP.


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