When trying to help goes wrong


When trying to help goes wrong…

A kitten or cat shows up at someone's property and a well-meaning citizen thinks the best thing for the cat or kitten is to scoop them up and take them to the shelter.

However, that well-intended act may not have the expected outcome at many shelters and could in fact be a death sentence for the cat or kitten in many Texas counties. (Not in Rusk County)

Instead of scooping up a stray cat or kitten and taking them to the shelter, consider an alternate course of action:

  • Be part of the solution, not part of the problem
  • Chip in and help
  • Unless the cat or kitten requires medical attention, leave them be
  • Do not just ignore them and allow them to starve to death
  • Offer food and friendship. (If you feed, you MUST spay & neuter)
  • Capture & Spay & Neuter them within 50 days
  • Let me say that again, Spay & Neuter them within 50 days
  • Adopt as indoor cats if possible
  • OR seek to find them a home with family and friends
  • OR if not possible, then TNR and care for them

Yes, these actions require more empathy and caring than a quick trip to the shelter, but please think about what the REAL result of your well-intended action may be before you do it.

Cats and kittens do not surrender themselves to shelters, so all who end up in shelters do so due to human intervention.

I have to believe that the outcome in the photo is NOT what those surrendering animals to shelters intended to happen.

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