Blue was discovered caged and terribly neglected along with several other kittens and a multitude of chained-up dogs. (Illegal treatment of animals in Texas)

The kittens were emaciated, infested with parasites, dehydrated, and appeared sickly. The dogs were equally in need.

On the day of discovery, Blue was standing up against the cage wire looking out with her tiny eyes focused on the first kind-hearted human she had ever encountered.

Blue saw caring eyes taking her photo and the person seemed so nice that she hoped this new person would take her home with them when they left, but they did not.

She had suffered through so much neglect in her very short life that when she finally saw a kind-hearted person paying attention to her, I imagine she was standing eagerly with anticipation at her cage wire with her hopeful eyes, begging for help.

Blue did not know that when the kind-hearted person left they were coming back for her the next day and sometime during that lonely night this baby girl just lost all hope and her will to live. 🙁  She probably died thinking all humans equal neglect and pain.

Her chance for a happy cat life was gone and the opportunity for human(s) to be her hero and save her life was also gone. Literally, 24 hours too late to save her.

You'll never see her little face again.

Oh, and the other kitten in the photo with the grass also died due to the neglect and lack of care by the people caging them.

So sad.

These things make me have trouble sleeping at night.

Needless deaths like these are why I sometimes feel like we are spaying and neutering the wrong species.

Yes, I said that.

Fortunately, the two older kittens cuddled up together in the other photo were retrieved alive by their hero and are now being properly cared for and being prepared for adoption into loving homes.

Sadly, it's too late to help the poor deceased kittens in these photos, but you can help us be prepared to help the next ones — and there are others. Lots of them in Texas.

If you are unable to transport or foster, please dig into your coin purse or wallet and make a generous contribution or a pledge that will help fund those who can do these things and save Henderson, Texas cat lives.

Please be a hero.

Dead kittens don't purr.

Sign Our Petition Calling For Stronger Enforcement of Animal Cruelty Laws

Save A Particular Life With Your Pledge

Pledged contributions are only processed when the target goal is met quickly enough.  Pledges are used to provide immediate medical care, transportation, and housing required to save a particular animal(s) in a critical situation, like this tiny kitten at the cage wire who needed emergency vet care or a death row cat or kitten scheduled to die on a certain date in a shelter. If a pledge campaign fails to receive enough pledges for a cat or kitten quickly enough and if the cat or kitten dies or is euthanized, then none of the pledged contributions are processed.

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