Why I Had To Capture Callie, Peachy and Sammy

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According to the Texas Department of Health and Safety, the cat and dog overpopulation problem in Texas is due to, a public that allows random pet breeding and irresponsible pet ownership.

However. the animal overpopulation issue could be mostly eliminated when:

  1. Animal protection laws are better enforced in cases of animal abandonment, dumping and cruelty
  2. People who fail to spay and neuter their pets and/or animals they are feeding are held accountable
  3. More bystanders become Good Samaritans who take action and/or become donors who help others who are taking action when cat and dog circumstances are observed or encountered that warrant intervention. 

Still, the combined efforts of everyone in #3 may never exceed the number of irresponsible pet owners, people ignorant about the animal overpopulation problem, and general indifference by many to the plight of homeless animals.

Turning a blind eye may be the easiest thing to do… if your conscience allows you to be ok with being part of the public that allows random breeding and irresponsible pet ownership to flourish which results in the needless deaths of tens of thousands of animals annually.

Texas animal shelters might not be killing more animals than any other state (as of 2021) when:

  • School curriculums include required education about proper pet ownership practices including spaying and neutering
  • Those taking possession of an animal as a pet are educated about proper pet care and spaying and neutering as part of the pet adoption process
  • Those in possession of a pet they no longer want or can no longer care for assume more responsibility for rehoming the pet instead of abandoning it, releasing it, or dumping it.
  • More pet owners and non-pet owners who encounter a stray or homeless cat or dog, take action to help, rather than turning a blind eye.
  • Animal shelter policies focus even more on no-kill, pet adoption, and teaching and educating the public about responsible pet ownership.

The reason that I had to capture Callie, Peachy, and Sammy for spaying, neutering, worming, and vaccinations is because my conscience would not allow me to be one of the public that allows random pet breeding and irresponsible pet ownership.

Please join me and make a difference with your donations, even if you can't take other actions to help save Texas cat lives.

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