How To Multiply Your Caring

Animal lovers everywhere, if you care about unfortunate kittens & cats and you want to help them, but you simply cannot home them or trap, board, feed, transport, spay, neuter, worm, vaccinate, and microchip them yourself, you can still make all that happen for them when you donate to someone who is in a position to do all those things.

You can multiply your care and concern significantly when you empower others to act on your behalf through your donation of any amount.

The positive impact of your donation is multiplied when combined with every other donation received.

For one person to bear the cost of helping dozens of animals is unrealistic and at some point, “No,” is the only response a rescuer can give those who contact them about an animal in need, and then the animals are left to suffer because of a lack of funding, not because no one cares.

Good-hearted helping of unfortunate cats and kittens is time-consuming and EXPENSIVE and those in a position to do all the things listed above really need your generous financial support in order to do all those things for hapless animals.

As an example, helping the three cats pictured here required a vet bill of $489 at the Henderson Animal Protection League mobile unit (the most economical option).

Anyone who wants to help these three is welcome to give $489 🙂 OR you can help them exactly the same when ten (10) people give $49 each.

If you can't afford a $49 donation all at once, consider giving a smaller amount or a monthly donation. For example, a $5 monthly donation will accumulate into a $60 donation (less fees) over 12 months.

Please consider helping the hapless by multiplying your generous donation of any amount today.

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