Henderson Texas Cat Colony Being Evicted


The previous resident at the property contributed to the size of this colony because they failed to take action and spay and neuter the cats that they fed.

In fact, they declined assistance offered to them to spay and neuter colony cats. Then they moved and left a colony of hungry cats and kittens behind to multiply uncontrolled.

Since they moved we have been feeding them and have removed 20 cats and kittens from the colony and have spayed and neutered the adults we removed and we have surgery appointments for 9 kittens this month. Additionally, we have spayed and neutered 3 other adults that were released back at the colony location before the property ownership changed and the new owner decided the colony must go.

Sooooooooo I spoke to the new property owner where the Henderson Cat colony lives and he does not want the cats to remain, so he does not want them being fed.

I explained to him that even if he prevents us from feeding them, this colony is unlikely to move because this is where they have lived for years. They will just remain and unless we proceed with spaying and neutering, there will be 100 cats on his property within no time. Feeding them is a way to support their health and train them to come to a location where they can be trapped.

We now have traps to capture them for spay and neuter BUT we have no safe place to return them to.

One possible solution is to locate people with barns and livestock who need an effective rodent control method and relocate a few to each location. Even then the cats cannot be released immediately. They must be kept in a kennel at the new location for a period of time so they can become familiar with the scents and noises of the new location to prevent them from running away upon release.

You can help by sharing – or contacting – friends and acquaintances who may need barn cats and are willing to feed and care for them. We need to find homes for about 30, so we need 15 locations for pairs or 10 locations for trios, etc.

Please reach out and see if you can help create a solution to the question, “What do we do with a cat colony that is being evicted?”

Interested parties can contact me to make arrangements. (903) 263-9807

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