Tabby is a ginger cat who barged through our feet into the house one cold and rainy evening.

We were carrying bags and trying to get through the door and she was determined to get inside.

She was soaking wet from the rain and she was coming in the house no matter what.

She was tiny and probably only about 4-5 weeks old. 

Once we got inside and settled so we could dry her off we discovered she was infested with fleas, so we gave her a bath in Dawn dishwashing liquid.

It killed many of them, but as she dried off and warmed up we saw active fleas again.

We did not have flea meds for a kitten, so we gave her another bath and warmed her up nicely

The 2nd bath seemed to have gotten them all.

We named her Tabby and she has been one of the sweetest cats in the crew.



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