Birthdate 03/03/2020

Neutered 03/30/2021


02/21/2021  Tiger arrived as a stray who was found in our garage during a particularly cold spell when the temperature dropped to 1 degree in our area.

He was crying and snuggled between some thermal grocery bags trying to stay warm.

It was not working. He was literally freezing.

I walked over to him and picked him up and he never struggled or resisted.

I think he was too cold.

I brought him inside and warmed him up in a cozy sleeping bed and left him to rest isolated in his own room until the other cats had a chance to get accustomed to his scent.

He slept for a long time and the next day when he finally woke up and started moving about, he was perfectly content being inside.

After a couple of days, he happened to come out of his room into the living area as I was exiting and he walked very casually into the midst of a dozen other cats in the living area.

I expected there to be hissing and probably a fight as I scrambled toward him planning to get him back in his room.

But before I could get to him it was apparent that all the cats were essentially ignoring him.

Not a single hiss or swat from anyone.

It was unheard of and amazing.

Soon he was playing gently with all the smaller kittens and we were amazed at his gentle nature.

We nicknamed him the perfect cat.


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