A Box of Dirt And A Bag of Food

Cats don't ask for much from humans — until after we spoil them 🙂 –, but at minimum, indoor cats do need a box of dirt (a litter box) and a bag of food.

Can you help us by contributing a box of dirt and/or a bag of food for the Duncan Home For Wayward Cats? If so, please click the image of the item(s) you want to contribute.

Or you can just click here to give $5 to the furbabies and make a huge difference by doing so.

Click An Image To Contribute For That Item

Walmart has one of the least expensive clumping clay litters at about $12 for 40 pounds.

For this discussion and my attempt to pry open your wallet or purse 🙂 let's say it will last about a month for one cat.

Your contribution of one box of dirt will be put to good use and greatly appreciated.

Click image to contribute for a box of dirt (Walmart.com)

A high-quality dry food like Purina Pro Plan runs about $26 for 7 pounds for one cat for one month.

Click to contribute for a bag of food (Chewy.com)

That amount of high-quality, nutritious food is far more healthy for a cat than cheaper high-carbohydrate foods.

Your generosity will allow us to get more Henderson kittens and cats off the streets and keep them out of the animal shelter.

Help give Henderson kittens and cats an opportunity to live and thrive in loving homes.

Whether you express your care and concern with a  box of dirt or a bag of food – or both – your generosity will help Henderson, Texas kittens, and cats.

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Thank You For Caring And Contributing!

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