Often when a person finds themselves involved with an unexpected litter of  kittens, that person may need to relocate them for any number of reasons.

Typically, that's when the FREE KITTEN sign goes up or the kittens get listed in FREE ANIMAL Facebook groups or they contact a rescue or shelter to take them.

FREE KITTENS require at minimum spay ($50) or neuter ($40) and rabies vaccination ($12), so they are only FREE when an owner does NOT engage in responsible pet ownership.

Rescues invest far more than the minimum in the cats and kittens in their care so that when they are adopted most of the responsible pet owner tasks have already been done for the new pet parent and they have a healthy new feline they can focus on enjoying in their life.

Typical costs incurred by a responsible pet owner to assure a healthy pet include:

  • $65 initial vet visit new patient exam
  • $27 gets one month of food & treats
  • $12 gets one month litter
  • $50 Spay or $40 Neuter via Animal Protection League
  • $35 Vaccinations: (Rabies, Distemper, Leukemia) (APL)
  • $5 Earmites (if present) (APL)
  • $18 Wormer (Rounds, Hooks & Tapes) Profender
  • $35 FIV/FeLV SNAP Test (APL)
  • $30 Microchip (APL)

$207 is hardly a FREE KITTEN.

So what a FREE KITTEN sign actually means is “Please come take these $207 kittens off my hands.”

Unfortunately, those taking free kittens often cannot afford to, or simply do not follow through with, responsible vet care outlined above and the kitten or cats breed  another generation of homeless kittens to be “gotten rid of” with another FREE KITTEN sign and the cycle of cat overpopulation continues because:

You can make a difference by giving directly to the kittens or cats of your choice at the Duncan Home For Wayward Cats and follow their journey to their forever homes.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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