Sweet Boy Found At Major Henderson Texas Intersection


Spotted this boy running down 259/79 in the median in front of Goodwill Tuesday at 5:45 pm.

Once again, you may notice that he NOT a cat. 🙂

That’s ok we helped him anyways.

He came to me when called and climbed right up in my vehicle.

Seems well taken care of and very well behaved and is extremely friendly.

I visited homes and businesses near the location where I found him in search of his owner, but no luck.

The next day I visited more homes and businesses near where this sweet boy was found.  No joy.

All my facilities are occupied by cats, so I had no place to keep him until we cleared all the cats from one room and let him stay there until we could figure out what to do with him. I scanned him for a microchip, but found none.

Wed at 10:20 am  I took him to Henderson Animal Center and they also scanned him. No chip.

He had no collar and appears to be about 2-3 years old and is already neutered per Henderson Animal Center staff inspection.

They also said he is a Labrador and Retriever mix.

He is very well fed and weighs 74 pounds.

Unfortunately, the shelter was at capacity and had no vacancy, but they said that if I could keep him one more night, they might be able to take him in on Thursday, so I took him home and back to his private room. 🙂 

He is very well behaved, no barking and he knows some words. He likes to ride and willingly comes back inside after bathroom walks on leash. He gets excited when he sees the leash.

He is sweet and very well behaved, calm and gentle. He does not jump up on you and would probably be fine around children.

He knows about riding in a vehicle. He stays in his seat and does not climb all over the car. He gets right in and out when the door is opened.

He is very well behaved inside and also on a leash and does not nuisance bark. He is potty trained to only go outdoors.

All the evidence indicates that he has been loved and treated well. Not skittish at all.

He is probably someone's companion dog and it's a mystery how he ended up on the 259/79 intersection in Henderson without a collar and no microchip.

I hope he is reunited with his owner or adopted by a loving family. He is such a sweet dog.

Somebody has got to be missing this boy.

Thursday morning, I took him to the shelter and they were able to make room for him. I hated to leave him there with the weekend approaching, but I hoped his owner would show up quickly. I even went and visited more homes around the area where he was found, but still no luck.

If no owner comes forward within 72 hours, then hopefully, the dedicated team of Rusk County Pets Alive might be able to tag him and home him.


Henderson Animal Center (HAC) and Rusk County Pets Alive (RCPA) have found a wonderful home for this sweet boy in Canada.

It's unfortunate his owner was not forthcoming, but the new owner will be blessed to have this sweet boy in their life.
Thanks to HAC and RCPA!!


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