Josh Bloodwork And FeLV Quant PCR Tests

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For FeLV+ cats, perform sonograms and/or x-rays regardless of bloodwork results.

Josh is FeLV+ and developed FIP.

Having successfully completed FIP treatment and observation his 01/09/2023 bloodwork presents no evidence of FIP. 

His FeLV viral load has remained relatively low since monthly PCR testing began.

We had not been performing monthly sonograms or x-rays during treatment as bloodwork and lack of symptoms did not seem to indicate a need to do so and there was no vet recommendation to do so.  

Unfortunately, on 01/11/2023 when we did perform a sonogram and x-rays due to edema on his jaw area and elevated respiratory rate (about 40-43 bpm) a very large mass was revealed in his chest which is assumed to be cancerous (pending necropsy)  and is restricting breathing along with accumulated fluid. 

Normal cat x-ray
Josh's 01/09/2023 x-ray

Removal of 100cc of chest fluid lowered his respiratory rate to 30-33 bpm when ZERO activity. (nature of fluid to be determined)

This size of the mass indicates that it is unlikely to have developed spontaneously and its size suggests that may have been growing for some time with no indication of its presence revealed in bloodwork or blood chemistry.

Discovery of the mass at this late stage may preclude any chemo or surgical treatment and leave euthanasia as the only choice. 

Those options may have been available had the growth been discovered earlier via periodic sonograms, x-rays or radiographs.

His prognosis is terminal.

In hind-sight Josh's FeLV and FIP status should have also been monitored with monthly sonograms and x-rays in addition to monthly  blood tests and PCR tests. Earlier discovery of the mass could have allowed treatment which is not deemed viable at this stage.

I feel like I failed this boy because the thing that will kill him was never detected even with rigorous monthly bloodwork and PCR testing and monitoring, but this silent killer could have been detected with monthly sonograms, x-rays or radiographs.

Josh, I am so sorry.

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  • Phil….you know how I love my babies. My Kitty is 14. He’s never been sick thank you Jesus BUT if he had gone thru all Josh has and then find out he will have more major mess to go thru I would probably have to let him go. He’ll be there when I get there same as Josh will be when you get there. Don’t be sad. You have given him more life than he would have and a good one. I’m saying this out of love. WE can’t be selfish and hold onto something we want even though it could cause more pain. What happens if all of a sudden he can’t breathe? What if you have to watch him die a horrible death? There was a cat here that was abandoned. She was a moody thing! Had been abused but had a new owner. I was the only person baby kitty would let pick her up but her mood would change in a second! She would bite you and scratch you. I moved off and when I came back she was here. I was so mad. I had rescue get her spay and shots! She was an inside cat mostly. I couldn’t leave her to the elements and I couldn’t keep her. I crated her up….no one else could. Trauma from that! We talked all the way to the vet. I told her I loved her and how sorry I was. There was no way possible for her to be adoptable. I assure you! At the vet they raised the towel to see her. Her pupils were blown and she was hissing and growling. No way I would even stick my hand in that crate! So one chick says oh if she bit someone we have to chop her head off. Animal control should have been called. We don’t have any here. She had her rabies collar on!!! So the 2 older ladies told me to go home and we’ll figure it out after the weekend. So I left and didn’t go back. That will gaunt me forever but I k ow she won’t ever suffer or be alone anymore. So with that being said it’s still your call. You are a fur 😇 they have more than one job. The earthly one and the heavenly one. Where would you rather be if you knew you were gonna have to face life or death again. That’s gonna be a lot of healing. Misery. Sadness. If it doesn’t work? Oh Phil. I’m sorry you’re in this spot but you need to remember you are here to save them and you did. ♥


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