Help This Cat!

Things Rescuers Hear Every Freaking Day

Adapted from a Facebook post by Jenny Luca President of TNR Taskforce in Brookhaven, NY.

A finder says, 

“I just found this cat.

I think it needs help.

It’s been laying there for 3 days. I’ve passed it 3 times already.

I can’t help it.

I can’t drop it off at the vet.

The shelter that’s 20 minutes away is just too far.

I have to work, I have kids. I have to brush my teeth. I just don’t have time.

Maybe you can go? I know how much you love cats maybe you can help it?

I can’t take it home. I have two cats.

There isn’t any place in my home to put this cat overnight.

Sorry, we don’t have a bathroom in our house so I have no place to put this extra cat until you can pick it up.

I'm also allergic to cats but never got an allergy test. It’s weird I just look at cats and sneeze.

I don’t have any money to help this cat. I can barely feed myself but my mani and pedi look great, but I really want to help this cat.

I want to do absolutely nothing, but I want YOU to help this cat.

I have done my part to help it. I told you about the cat.”

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Don't be one of those people.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

“31 cats this woman has done with Mr. Grey’s help. We took in 5 and a local shelter took 3 kittens. Sadly 1 was put down due to severe injuries. If that is not amazing enough she is 70+ years old and a survivor of cancer twice. These are not even her cats, they are down the road from her. So when I get these phone calls telling me that you cannot care for the one cat in your own backyard I smile and think of this lady with admiration and gratitude for who she is.”

Be like the 70 year old neighbor in this video.

Contribute and support those who care enough to actually take action to save hapless animals. Make a difference with your support in your local area.

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