Retromad1 Leftover

Update: Med Has Been Sent To Help Another FeLV+ Cat

Sadly, Josh succumbed to an unforeseen killer and I have a supply of Retromad1 that I had ordered for him in October 2022 and it is still in the original shipping package and has been refrigerated since received. It's available in exchange for a memorial donation to Josh's GoFundMe campaign and I will ship it to you the day after your memorial contribution. You can PM me if you wish to chat.

This would have been Josh's 2nd round of Retromad1, but we were blind-sided when he unexpectedly succumbed to an unforeseen killer.
Jash had defied multiple euthanization recommendations by multiple vets for almost a year.
He also managed to keep his FeLV viral load very low during that time.
Josh even beat FIP!
He was the most an amazing cat we have yet encountered among 150 felines.
I just wanna cry thinking about him.
The Retromed1 that I have in my refrigerator will not help anyone's furbaby just sitting in there.
Your memorial contribution in memory of Josh will help offset some of his care costs incurred during the wars (plural) that he fought and which he won only to be assassinated by an unseen killer.
You can read about Retromad1 here:
You can view Josh's monthly FeLV Quant PCR test results while he was taking Retromad1 here:

The one thing I am the saddest about is not having an x-ray done as soon as he tested FeLV+. 🙁

I feel like I failed him.

If you are willing to invest in your FeLV baby, PLEASE consider requesting an x-ray to look for anything that should not be there and which you can refer to later if needed. 
I now live with the thought that IF ONLY I had done an x-ray much sooner, Josh could still be living his cat lives today.
I wish you the best in your fight for your furbaby.
— Phil Duncan

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