Texas Law Now Requires A Scan For Microchip

In a lifesaving win for animals, Texas has officially passed into law a bill requiring animal shelters and releasing agencies, including rescues, to scan an animal in their custody for a microchip “as soon as practicable.” The act will officially take effect on September 1, 2021.

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  • There’s a horse being left in a circular pin 24-7 without any shelter whatsoever. No water or food during the heat of the day. He just stands there all day baking in this awful 110 degree Texas heat. I approached the owner and his claim is the horse is from the California desert and has no problem being in the heat. EVERY single animal created requires some type of shelter. In the wild they seek shelter no matter the location. Even in the desert there are cliffs to shelter under. This poor horse cannot even lay down due to the heat. It’s incredibly sad seeing this animal suffer. I find the owners excuse to not give this poor animal shelter reprehensible and an absolute abuse that requires the law to get involved. His address is 13720 Liberty School Road, Azle, Texas 76020 Last name Smith. PLEASE help this beautiful animal!


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