Our Cat’s Favorite Climbing Tree

Downtown Pet Supply – Cat Scratching Post Tower – Tall Cat Tree & Sisal Rope Cat Post – 4-Level Cat Tree with Securing Mechanism – Grass – 93-97.5 in

This is the absolute best value cat climbing tree and scratching post that I have found.

  • It is the most economical of all I have tried, but it is more durable than others that were more expensive and less flexible in use
  • It provides LOTS of scratching surface
  • It is modular so worn-out sections can be easily replaced. We have so many in use that I keep one or two on-hand to use for spare sections when wear requires a refresh. 🙂  
  • It is extendable in height by adding additional sections to make it even taller. A couple of our installations require two additional sections for the tree to reach the upper destination, so I just add more sections to get all the height I need.
  • Multiple shorter scratching trees can be made from one by using two sections for each other scratching post.
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We have more than a dozen of these cat trees installed at the Duncan Home For Wayward Cats and I consider them to be one of the very best investments we have made in cat enrichment and exercise.

The installation in the photo below enables the cats to climb up to the shelf that goes around the top of the room in both directions.

Each shelf on the tree except one has a small bracket on the corner attaching it to the wall for extra support because we have several VERY HEAVY cats.

When they climb up this tree they can go all way around the room and across the shelf above the TV to a set of cat steps on the far wall where they can come down again.

That is a very popular cat chaseway and they also love lounging above the TV because the heat rising from the TV warms that shelf. 

The only issue we encountered after our kittens all became heavyweight cats is that they began breaking the shelves that they jump down on if the shelf is not secured to the wall or reinforced with a shelf bracket. The shelf bracket is an easy solution for very heavy cats with one caveat.

The Bad news: We had a cat that reached through the shelf bracket and got her claws hung in the scratcher surface and then twisted around the tree and could not get loose because her paw was turned backward in a way that she could never have gotten it loose.

She was in a terrible predicament that could have resulted in a broken paw or leg had we not seen what was happening and assisted her to get free of the shelf bracket.

That incident had nothing to do with this excellent tree, it was due to the bracket we added to prevent shelf breakage.

The Good News: That risk can be completely eliminated by affixing a covering on the bracket that prevents reaching through it.

Corrugated Plastic Sign Boards are easily trimmed to shape and can be quickly affixed with double-sided tape.

In closing, this tree will be a GREAT investment for enhancing your cat's indoor life.

Oh and about that tunnel in the photo… more cat fun than you would ever imagine!  🙂 

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