Humbled and Inspired

I am humbled every day by those who donate so I can help our furry friends.

I am touched by the generosity that finds me so I can help animals who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances through no fault of theirs.

I am dismayed by the number of humans who turn a blind eye to the plight of hapless creatures who come into their life.

I am saddened by the indifference common in so many people who care not that their help for an animal in need may be the difference between its life and death.

I realize that “the circle of life” means not every cat and kitten's life can be saved, but each of us has an opportunity to help save those who come into our life.

My heart is lifted each time I get a call from someone seeking guidance or assistance to help animals in need, and those calls come from everywhere.

I am inspired by all whose donations have confirmed that fellow animal lovers care and are willing to express their empathy and compassion for our furry friends through generosity.


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