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  • 84 Day Observation Ends 05/31/2024

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    FIP Treatment Needed

    Saving Fluffy From FIP


    Saving Fluffy From FIP

    FIP is a genetic mutation of FCOV (Feline Coronavirus) and only certain cats can create the deadly mutation, but when they do, it is almost 100% fatal.

    Fluffy was confirmed to have neurological FIP (the worst kind) and I was distraught thinking this sweet, lovely girl was going to die very soon while I watched her deteriorate in front of me each day.

    I could not accept that outcome and do nothing.

    So to save this baby’s life, I once again initiated the arduous 84-day and expensive, underground treatment for FIP.  It works wonders.

    Please share this post with your people and consider contributing to her care, she would not be alive today without the treatment she is receiving.

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  • Appointment Scheduled In LA

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    Saving Susie Q’s Eye

    Susie Q is the 1st cat rescued from the abandoned cat colony that launched the Duncan Home For Wayard cats, so she has a special place in our heart even though she is untouchable. Her 3 kittens that arrived with her have all turned out very affectionate.

    Susie Q developed a severe viral eye infection that has compromised her left eye.

    She was transported to and examined by a vision specialist out of state who prescribed multiple expensive medications that will hopefully reverse this condition.

    She was boarded and treated at Rose City Animal Clinic for one week and they ceased treatment.

    We are going to try another sedated treatment with the vision specialist in Shreveport.

    Her care costs are substantial and accumulating daily.

    Your generous contribution will help Susie Q fight to keep her sight and her eye.

    Please share this post with your people and consider contributing to preserving her eyesight.

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  • Adopted

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    Baffled Blind Boy Abandoned And Needs A Rescue


    No rescue stepped up, so The Duncan Home For Wayward Cats took him in and found him an adopter.

    Somebody loved this boy.  He is too calm and too sweet for any other explanation.

    How he came to be found wandering aimlessly in a rural area of Winona, Texas remains a mystery. Most likely dumped or put out.

    Thankfully, his finder actively sought help for him even though the finder did not like cats.

    Thanks to the contributors who motivated me to proceed with his vet exam even before we reached his goal, we now know his condition and his adopter knows how to properly care for him.

    Based on the vet’s findings, he will need special care and lifetime heart medication.

    An accidental typo in a text message with a potential adopter resulted in “lol” becoming “Loki” and thus the name he was destined to have was revealed to us. 🙂

    We have updated his contribution goal to $674.08 to cover his vet bill. (not including another $60 of Bravecto flea, tick and wormer)

    I am trusting that other cat lovers will chip in and help reach his goal.

    Your contribution will go toward his vet bill posted below in the details section. 

    Please give generously.

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