Baffled Blind Boy Abandoned And Needs A Rescue


No rescue stepped up, so The Duncan Home For Wayward Cats took him in and found him an adopter.

Somebody loved this boy.  He is too calm and too sweet for any other explanation.

How he came to be found wandering aimlessly in a rural area of Winona, Texas remains a mystery. Most likely dumped or put out.

Thankfully, his finder actively sought help for him even though the finder did not like cats.

Thanks to the contributors who motivated me to proceed with his vet exam even before we reached his goal, we now know his condition and his adopter knows how to properly care for him.

Based on the vet’s findings, he will need special care and lifetime heart medication.

An accidental typo in a text message with a potential adopter resulted in “lol” becoming “Loki” and thus the name he was destined to have was revealed to us. 🙂

We have updated his contribution goal to $674.08 to cover his vet bill. (not including another $60 of Bravecto flea, tick and wormer)

I am trusting that other cat lovers will chip in and help reach his goal.

Your contribution will go toward his vet bill posted below in the details section. 

Please give generously.

Minimum Contribution : $5.00

Recommended : $20.00

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UPDATE 08/13/2023 

No one stepped up to be his hero 🙁 and the finder was getting “unpredictable” so I took him in at the Duncan Home For Wayward Cats.

I had to make room for him by releasing three other young cats out into our feral building.  Fortunately, they were acclimated to the other cats and were taking up a huge kennel which now belongs to this sweet boy.

An accidental typo in a text message with a potential adopter resulted in “lol” becoming “Loki” and thus the name he was destined to have was revealed to us. 🙂 That sealed the deal and she agreed to take him home with her once she prepares him a place and he has had an opportunity to settle.

He was seen by a Vet 8:30 am this morning 08/13/2023.
Since we had no health history about him and I wanted an adopter to know what was going on as best as we could, so we did a full gamut of tests:

  • Complete Blood panel
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Our vet did not have Doppler to measure blood pressure
  • X-Ray
  • FIV/FeLV
  • Rabies vac

He was not chipped. The vet confirmed that he is blind and determined that he has a heart murmur and some accumulated fluid (or mass – unsure) in his chest.

He is the calmest and sweetest boy and while handling him outside his kennel and doing some sight testing we thought that he could see something (light, movement, etc.) but the vet thinks not.

The vet posited that the heart issues (perhaps hypertension) resulted in the blindness. Three meds were prescribed with a 2-week follow-up appointment and another x-ray to see if the x-ray showed improvement in the cloudy area. If it's fluid then one medication is intended to help him eliminate it. If that does not work, then it may be a mass.

Either way, this fellow has a loving home waiting for him.❤️

We spent considerably more on him than contributions received to date. Don't we always? Doesn't every rescue? 🙂

I have updated his contribution goal to the invoice amount displayed below.

He is in loving care now and your contribution will help keep him there.



Just received a call from a finder who said this cat showed up on his rural property in Winona, Texas and it appears to be blind.

He said it would run when approached and crash into things head-on. Finder said the cat appears well-fed and seems to be neutered (he thinks) as no visible testicles. He said cats seems a bit older. Indications suggest he may have been dumped.

Finder called his five nearest neighbors to see if he might be an escaped pet, but no happy reunion.

He also called every shelter and rescue nearest to him to the farthest until he got to Henderson and my number. All were full or unable to help because the finder lives outside their service area, so it looks like this poor blind boy is on his own.

Finder's daughter finally caught him and now he is indoors but he said cat is marking and he has dogs wanting to kill it and he does not want a cat, so he needs it gone. I asked him to please be patient while his story gets published and we see if we can find anyone who can help this boy.

Who can be this blind boy's hero?

Outdoors is not really a good situation for a blind cat. He would not last long, so he is best suited to an enclosed indoor life.

I asked Finder to send photos and address (still awaiting address) where the cat could be picked up or delivered to just in case a kind-hearted Samartain – LIKE YOU 😀 – takes pity on this poor boy and gives him a safe home. What a dark and daunting world this poor boy is facing alone.

Please share this post with your people and consider making a contribution to his care.



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