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    Saving Susie Q’s Eye

    Susie Q is the 1st cat rescued from the abandoned cat colony that launched the Duncan Home For Wayard cats, so she has a special place in our heart even though she is untouchable. Her 3 kittens that arrived with her have all turned out very affectionate.

    Susie Q developed a severe viral eye infection that has compromised her left eye.

    She was transported to and examined by a vision specialist out of state who prescribed multiple expensive medications that will hopefully reverse this condition.

    She was boarded and treated at Rose City Animal Clinic for one week and they ceased treatment.

    We are going to try another sedated treatment with the vision specialist in Shreveport.

    Her care costs are substantial and accumulating daily.

    Your generous contribution will help Susie Q fight to keep her sight and her eye.

    Please share this post with your people and consider contributing to preserving her eyesight.

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