Joshua Is A Sponsored Neuter And Then This Happens


During the TXCAT.ORG  Spay It Forward Fundraiser campaign to provide free spay-neuter surgery for Henderson cats this happened… 

Joshua is a very friendly and playful boy born 08/06/21 and has a 3/4 length tail and he showed up at a friend's house with a collar on and we scoured the area looking for his owner or anyone that recognized him without luck. She begged me to take him in at the Duncan Home For Wayward Cats because it was unsafe for him at her location.

Upon intake on 03/18/2022, it was clear he had been raised with LOTS of human interaction and he was TOTALLY friendly, loveable and trusting. He was also very friendly with all the other cats. He LOVES pets.

We scheduled him for neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping and after dropping him off for surgery on 04/06/2022, we received a call from the vet informing us he was positive for FeLV and inquired if we wanted them to proceed with surgery or euthanize him.

I was not inclined to kill an 8-month-old kitten based on one test, so I told them to proceed because we wanted to give this boy a chance at life regardless of how long it might be. The challenge for us is the other 45 cats we have under care and now we need totally separate accommodations for Josh.

Such sad news for him…. and what a mess for us.

Unfortunately, now that he tested positive for FeLV he is sequestered alone in a kennel and away from the other cats. I cannot stand keeping a cat prisoner. It kills me.

And if Josh is doomed to succumb to FeLV complications instead of beating it down, then he may only live to the median age of 2.5 years, so he might not have much time left.

Yes, I know he could live much longer, but to do so means he needs a safe environment to thrive in.

This boy deserves a chance to live at least one of his 9 cat lives outside a cage while healthy enough to do so, but outdoors is not a safe option for him, so he needs a good indoor situation with a loving human.

I REALLY want this boy to have a better life than being locked in a kennel and am seeking a free roam home for him that has one or more FeLV cats that can add this sweety to their family. He gets along great with other cats, so he will fit right in and someone who already has FeLV cat(s) will understand his needs.

If you know of someone who might open their heart and home to Josh or if you can help Josh live at least one of his 9 cat lives, please reach out to me.

(903) 263-9807 mobile

Phil Duncan

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