Greta The Great

Greta arrived on August 13, 2021 as a tiny, shriveled up, and dehydrated orphan kitten found alone in a barn with eyes partially open and weighing only 91 grams.

She was brought to us because we happened to have a nursing Queen (Wren) who had given birth to 5 kittens on August 1st  and we hoped Wren would accept Greta and let her nurse.

Thanks to guidance from some kitten experts and Queen Wren plus the support and generosity of our contributors, Greta was given a chance at living and she seized it!

Even though all her fellow kittens are much larger than her and some often bully her, she has finally gotten strong enough to rough-house with them all and she will fight back to show them they cannot stop her. 🙂

Greta continues to grow and flourish and we invite you to add your support for Greta and help save other Texas cat lives by purchasing a Greta The Great item below.

We believe the variation of the quote, “Never say Never,”  on Greta The Great items accurately reflects her indomitable spirit.

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