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  • Hernia & Spay Surgery

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    Ginny’s Hernia & Spay Surgery

    Ginny came to us as one of ten kittens and cats (10) from a downtown Henderson colony. She was just a kitten herself.  She arrived August 1, 2023, bearing an abdominal hernia, she was blind in one eye, and she was pregnant.

    She has been seen by our regular vet and also an eye specialist in Shreveport, La to determine if anything could be done for her eye. Unfortunately, it cannot.

    Because Ginny has had a vision specialist examination and she requires hernia surgery in addition to regular spay surgery, her vet costs will be considerably higher than spay-only surgery.

    Your collective contributions will help cover her care costs if no extra vet visits or treatments are required before adoption.

    Please give what you can and encourage others to give what they can to help provide for her care until a forever home can be found for her.

  • Emergency Surgery

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    Moo Moo’s Emergency Surgery

    Monday night he came to my bedroom and climbed into the bed with me crying.

    He has NEVER gotten in bed with me before.

    His crying was such that it disturbed the other cats. They were all looking when he meowed. Usually, they ignore each other’s routine meowing, but they were not ignoring Moo Moo. I knew something was wrong.

    I immediately took him to the vet as soon as they opened. Upon examination, it was determined that he has a life-threatening urinary blockage requiring immediate surgery and a minimum 2-day hospital stay provided all else goes well.

    Moo Moo will be thankful for your well wishes.

    Please share this post with your people and consider contributing to his survival care.

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