Our ginger female (very rare) Arkansas transplant was very lethargic and hardly moved at all upon arrival, but after a couple of days of resting, eating like a pig until her belly gets big as a baseball and drinking water like a fish, she is much more active, pooping great and doing better. Her flea bath cleared quite a few fleas, but she needs and is gonna get another flea bath. Her eye treatment is helping a lot and it is much improved, but still pink so not yet 100%.
Anyone following along knows I am super creative with cat names (hahahahahah) you know, like Nose White, Nose Black, Big Speck, Little Speck, Black & White, and on and on. πŸ™‚
In my defense, my logic was that adopters would change their names anyways, so when we were struggling to identify dozens of new kittens and cats who came into our lives all at once, identification names were helpful and I did not think they would really matter….. except…. well, they never got adopted while they were kittens so now those names have followed them to adulthood. Sigh. Sorry babies…. who are now adults. πŸ™‚
Please share this post or tag potential adopters in the comments and help find this baby a home and you'll save her from the embarrassment of another Phil assigned name. πŸ™‚
This little hobo rode the chassis of a truck from Arkansas to Texas and she is about to get an identification flavored name or an Arkansas flavored name or a hobo flavored name unless somebody comes up with one that sticks.
Name possibilities so far include, identification name “Cornbread,” and most popular girl name in Arkansas, “Ava” and hobo flavored names include “Hobo” except that it is not very girlie, so “Boette,” (The proper name for a female Hobo.) and “Gypsy.” πŸ™‚
Whatcha got?
What name do you have in mind for this baby doll?
Please share her with potential adopters or tag them in the comments and/or consider donating so we can help more homeless little vagrants. πŸ™‚
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