Sir Jeffrey

Sir Jeffrey is one of two surviving kittens born to Puff on 04/21/2016.

He is a regal fellow with a laid-back demeanor and we think he is a bit autistic in some of his behaviors.

He prefers to be left to his own activities and has never liked petting or being picked up.

His food preferences have always been a very specific type of wet food and NOTHING ELSE.

He would only eat when fed in the exact same location, the exact same way, every meal.

He has never eaten a single morsel of dry food and has never shown any interest in treats.

During 2022 we have noticed some interesting behavior changes. He has started sampling different foods and even comes to sniff and taste whatever we may be eating.  He will nibble to sample its flavor and if he likes it, then he wants a bite or two to further evaluate it. 🙂

He has become willing to eat a variety of wet foods with other cats which he has always REFUSED to do.

He continues to refuse to even sniff dry food or treats.

He has begun to reach out and grab our arm with his paw and pull us toward him when he wants a few pets. (only a few) 

He gets along well with all the other cats and has appointed himself as the peace officer at the Duncan Home For Wayward Cats and intervenes to break up any squabble between other cats. 🙂



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