Puddin is a female rust colored tabby who appeared in the colony driveway one night when my flashlight revealed two tiny glowing eyes sitting far away from the food.

I was able to approach her and touch her without incident while an adult cat that I am pretty sure was the mom watch intently from about 12 feet away.

Puddin is the calmest kitten in the group of six and can be touched and petted without any hissing.

Puddin's mom was previously captured and when I returned to the colony to feed a day and a half later and called out for “hungry kitties,” I heard a tiny meow in response to each of my calls.

Each time I called out, a tiny meow echoed back.

I was able to follow the meows and finally located the source in the neighbor's fenced-in backyard. There in the leaves sat lonely, hungry, little Puddin all alone wondering where her mom had gone.

I had to wait until later in the day when the owner came home to get permission to go into their backyard to try and get Puddin since her mom was already on her way to a new home.

In fact, I had to build a special kitten drop trap to capture Puddin because of where she was hiding.

Fortunately, hunger eventually compelled her to come out from under the shed he had disappeared under when seeing me approach.

The kitten drop trap worked perfectly and Puddin joined the other colony kittens at the Duncan Home For Wayward Cats. 🙂

However, while calling out for Puddin , another tiny meow echoed back several times, but I was unable to locate that kitten even after multiple trips back to the colony location.

I will continue to search for it while trying to capture the last few adults still at the location.

Even though the 1st fundraiser for the Henderson Cat Colony project ended September 21, 2021, you can still help by donating as follows.

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